[PSP Apps] Password-protect your PSP with Boot Protector

Password-protect your PSP with Boot Protector

Need to keep your parents away from your PSP? Want your pesky sibling to stop hogging your Sony handheld? Hoping that your roommate won't find out about those photos that you took while he was asleep which are now stored in your PSP? Then lock it down with a password, and unless your parents or your sibling happens to be a LUA coder, then your secrets should be safe enough. A small and useful LUA application made by azy_xbox123, the fact that you will be asked for a five-digit password upon start-up should deter any nosy person who may want to start snooping on what you've been up to with your PSP.

In the meantime, azy_xbox123 includes the following notes about his creation:

D-PAD = Navigate/Change Password Number
SELECT = Screenshot

To install:

1.50 w/ Harleyg's Custom Firmware: ms0:/PSP/SYSTEM/DEVBOOT.PBP
5x ms0:/PSP/SYSTEM/*****.prx

This is activated by leaving you WLAN switch down, this hasn't been tested!

5x ms0:/PSP/GAME/*****.prx

This is activated via the configuration menu, although I have gotten this to work on 2.71SE, it crashes when exiting to XMB once the correct password is input!

Although this gets the job done, it doesn't disable the use of the HOME button. I am waiting on a custom build to be built.

So, as we said, unless your parents, little brother or roommate are all developers themselves, this app should do a pretty good job of keeping them out of your hair. Otherwise, we advice that you start hiding the USB cables in your house, but be warned that this doesn't prevent other members of the household from hiding the PSP unit itself.


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